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Years ago, I don't even remember what year, probably 2004, I headed over to Darren Berrecloth's place on Vancouver Island to shoot some photos. Darren picked me up at the ferry dock in Nanaimo and had one or two shots he wanted to get before heading up island to his house. This was the first one, a simple bank to rail right by the harbor in Nanaimo. This was also the first and only time I've ever had film "ruined" by a lab. Shooting several thousand images a year for close to 10 years that amazes me, but that's also why I always dealt with professional labs when getting film processed. This particular set of shots, 3 of them, was developed perfectly but somehow in the mounting process the film didn't get lined up properly and 3 shots in a row were cut cleanly in half before being inserted into slide mounts. I was pretty upset and the lab tech even more so. He offered that they could scan them and put them together in photoshop and then reprint as complete slides, for no charge of course. But for some reason I decided I could just scan them and do it myself. And then I never did, until now. This image has never been seen by anyone else except for me until now, even Darren hasn't seen it.

Composition - Most mtb companies at that time were primarily interested in using images that clearly showed their products. Darren was riding for Race Face at the time, and I really wanted to get a good shot of his bright yellow cranks with the hope that they might use the shot for an ad. I left lots of room on the right for text and logo etc.

How about you, have you ever had a photo lab make a mistake with your film?

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