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Back in 2002 I shot a photo of Darren Berrecloth dirt jumping at Grouse Mountain during the UCI World Cup event. That photo of Darren doing a one footed table with the city of Vancouver in the background ended up on the cover of the Bike Magazine Photo Annual that year. This is not that photo. However this is an image from that same shoot, of a different trick, one that didn't make the cut. And with the other image on the cover of the Bike Photo Annual the hope was that I wouldn't send any other similar images from that shoot anywhere else, so all the similars were basically locked away in the vault until now. TBH the one foot table shot that was published was probably the best of the bunch, and it was flash lit as well, but I've always loved this superman seat grab indian shot. This was at a time when mtb dirt jumping still was no where near what BMX was, and there really weren't that many people doing this kind of stuff, if any.

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