Gravel rides with friends are a fairly awesome social experience. Riding along at a pace that suits the group creates hours of opportunity for conversation with old friends, and for making new friends. Unlike normal daily life where even the most intimate of conversations can be interrupted by phones and other devices, gravel riding creates conversation mostly free from outside distraction. The gravel road takes just enough concentration to keep one focused on the task at hand, but leaves plenty of room to relax, think, and discuss. Of course every ride is different, but if there is a stereotypical ride it includes various groups of riders, each riding at a different pace. Some riders choose to ride alone and spend the time lost in their thoughts, or simply admiring the scenery, while others ride together in social groups. Regardless of the pace at which you choose to ride it, gravel rides can have an option for almost everyone. The only limitation is the fitness level needed to complete the ride. In December of 2017 I went on the inaugural "Rocks Roads Reggae" overnight gravel ride put on by my friend Wayne Lee of Atomik Carbon. This video is about that trip, you can find all the photos here.