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New World Disorder 5 - Way back in 2003 or 2004 I shot this photo of Alex 'Axl" Fostvedt filming Paul Basagoitia from the old school cable cam. Back in the day we didn't have modern motorized cablecams with a live preview, instead the cinematographer hung in a harness below a carriage on a steel cable. The whole thing was gravity fed, with just enough sag so that the whole thing slowed down before anyone ran into the tree at the end. There was often a rope attached to the carriage as well to help pull it and the cinematographer back to the start so they could go again. If needed it could also be used as a brake. So amazing to think about how heavy that cable reel was and how much work was involved in setting it up, when now I personally own an electronic cable cam that fits in 2 average pelican cases and sets up in a fraction of the time.

On this shot Axl got really close to Paul, check it out in the video clip below. Paul just rises up into the frame, maybe a foot or two from the lens. I didn't intend to shoot this frame, I knew that Axl would be in the way of a clean shot but I lined it up anyway, and when I saw how close they were I had to take the shot.

I shot this with my Quantum Q Flashes, triggered with Pocket Wizard MultiMAX's. You can see one of my flashes in the lower right in the second can shot. If you look closely you can see that I put a couple of branches with leaves on it to try to hide it, but my camo job obviously didn't work that well. I didn't shoot many flash shots during film shoots, probably just enough to piss off the film guys and editors who mostly hated seeing flash pops in the film. How do you feel about flash in videos? Let me know in the comments...

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