The Gathering at Bogus Basin

February 12 2022

After building an amazing terrain park for the Snowboy Productions "Cliff 'em All" event, Bogus Basin, Boise's awesome non-profit mountain resort,  decided to use the park a second time before downgrading it for public use. They invited a selection of mostly local skiers, snowboarders, and media to come up for an event they named The Gathering, an all day jam in the park. The day turned out to be sunny and beautiful, a perfect day for all the participants to play in park and create some great photos and videos. 

Before I became a full time mountain bike photographer I used to shoot a lot of snow sports, it's what I did every winter. To be more precise it was a side hustle, I worked full time as a ski patroller and shot photos on the side, but it was how I got my start in professional photography. Around 2000 however I quit winter sports almost completely to concentrate on full time on mountain bike photography, and didn't shoot a ski or snowboard photo for 20 years.

I'm stoked to be back in the snow!

Bogus Basin Marketing Manager Austin Smith has played a huge role in the development of the snow and mountain bike community in the Boise area. He's also a pretty darn good snowboarder and mountain biker himself.

The Gathering at Bogus Basin

I've included a bunch of select images below, if you want to see more you can check out the full image gallery here