There’s something compelling about a good adventure, almost a magnetic draw really. The minute someone says, “Hey, lets go on an adventure!” we all take note and get excited, even those of us that have no actual intention of leaving our comforts to brave the unknown. Because face it, the unknown is what turns a regular old adventure into a good one. A trip along a familiar route with no surprises is just that, and while it can still be enjoyable it lacks the excitement of venturing into uncharted territory. Joseph Campbell once said “The only question in life is whether or not you are going to answer a hearty ‘YES!’ to your adventure.” and when Kelpie Cycles’ Colin Pinney sent out an email that started with “This is an email about nailing down a date for a 50 mile a day for 3 days ride from Fort Collins to Steamboat and getting vehicles to shuttle us back to the fort.” we answered YES! We in this case was not a well defined group at the beginning, and our numbers fluctuated in the months leading up to the actual adventure. We answered yes not because of Joseph Campbell, but because our curiosity was piqued and we yearned for adventure. The best part of adventure by bicycle is that it has a measured pace. Yes different people will ride at different paces, but it’s usually not a race. It’s an adventure, a journey, and the traveling and seeing things is the most important part. If you were in a hurry to get somewhere you’d drive, or fly, you probably wouldn’t choose a bike. Another nice thing about riding with a group on an adventure is that you get to have conversations. Conversations free of interruption from our devices, and conversations that don’t really have deadlines. Whether you’re sitting in your office, or sitting in a coffee shop, there is always something happening next, there is always a clock, somewhere else that you need to be at a certain time. Not so on a bike adventure. There is no 2 o’clock appointment, no phone call that needs to be made, nothing else that calls for your attention.

The inaugural Steamboat Ralleye Ride involved 3 days of riding, across a number of mountains and valleys. Lots of ups, and lots of downs. Close to 200 miles and 20,000'of climbing if you really need to know. There was lots of time for in depth discussions on all manner of subjects. Or not. Some times it was enough to just look at the scenery and let your own thoughts play out in your head. A chance for your own stuff to resolve itself. I won’t bore you with endless details of what we talked about, or where we camped and what we ate. If you really want to know then you need to experience it, and there is a new version that is available as a supported group ride. Details are here.

Here is a collection of some of my favorite images from the trip.

Coffee is made many ways....

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