I've known Nate Adams for a bunch of years, and we've created photos together for many of those. During my time working at Niner Bikes Nate and I got to shoot regularly, however when I moved to Boise that all ended. When Nate contacted me about shooting the new JET 9 RDO in Boise this spring I was pretty stoked.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't what we wanted on the morning of the shoot, but part of being a professional photographer is being able to deal with changing conditions and deliver images that your clients can use regardless of weather. Dark moody images would have been easy to shoot, however that's not really what most clients want for a product launch. I think we made the best of it, and happily the weather improved later in the day.

Niner Bikes Jet 9 RDO

Working alongside video crews is always fun, but it can be a challenge finding angles that are interesting for photos while staying out of the shot. Niner put together a fun edit based on the Top Gun theme for the new JET, check it out here.

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