Logan Brown shot for DEITY Components at the Boise Bike Park. The past couple of years I've mostly shot DEITY clothing with the people I work with, so it's been great to get out this year and create images with other people in our community.

I first met Logan in 2021 while he was filming a project for VitalMTB (He's a kick ass filmer and editor) and over the past year I've gotten to know him a little better and watched him ride. Logan is fairly new to mountain bikes but his riding skills have progressed quickly and it was fun to hang out and shoot with him.

If you want to know more about Logan check out this awesome article and video that the crew up at The Basin Gravity Park put together.

I'm only now starting to realize the effects that the past few years have had on me. As someone who is dealing with a chronic illness (I have Lyme Disease) I made very little effort to hang out with people when Covid hit. I had no idea what it might do to my immune compromised body, so I basically avoided people almost completely. As a result of that it’s been a long while since I've shot many images that weren't studio product shots. This has really had an interesting effect on me. Human interaction has been mostly replaced by interaction with things in a dark room, and it's only now that I'm starting to shoot with people again that I realize what I've missed.

Images were all shot on my Sony A9 with various lenses, and the dirt jump images were lit with a couple of Flashpoint Evolv 200 Pro lights fitted with Mag Mod Tele Adapters.