This past fall (2018) I had the opportunity to head to the North West on a road trip. I grew up in Vancouver, BC and I needed to visit family and friends there, as well as to check on my house in Point Roberts, WA. I’d been talking with my old friend Kirt Voreis and he and filmer Doug Jambor were planning to film a segment in Bellingham and I planned to meet up with them there. I moved to Colorado in 2013 and while I’ve been back to Vancouver several times a year since then, I hadn’t been for a ride at Galbraith in about 6 years. Galbraith Mountain is the main riding area in Bellingham, and seeing the amount of work that’s been done on the trail system recently was mind blowing. Here’s what Kirt had to say about the trails:

“I love me some Bellingham, and the fall moisture raises the trail shred level to 11! I’m blown away at the progress that’s been done every time I pass through for a ride. Eric Brown and the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition (WMBC) trail crew create some great flow. ” – Kirt Voreis

Kirt Voreis rides his mountain bike at Galbraith Mountain near Bellingham, Washington.

The fall moisture was in full effect, and while it had been sunny and warm the afternoon I arrived the next day dawned dark and foreboding, with a lot of rain in the forecast. Too much rain would have been a disaster for filming, but luckily it was perfect. Damp and misty, with just the light drizzle that the North West is famous for. We put in a solid two days of filming and shooting photos, got some great shots, and I can’t wait to go back and ride!