In February of 2020 I had a chance to spend a three days shooting with Kirt Voreis for DEITY Components in three different locations in California. We started with a location that we had shot at before. Two years previously Kirt and I had shot a video project for Niner Bikes in the desert outside of Barstow, and we knew we weren't completely done with that location. Matt Collins came along to shoot video, and Kirt's friend Danny Silva helped out with everything. Big ups to those two for the amazing work! Kirt had a few new Fox Racing kits as well as the new Speedframe helmet so after shooting the desert we decided to shoot some trail riding footage as well. On the second day we hit up an old DH trail that Kirt and a few friends had built years before, and on the 3rd day we found some jumps.


After tuning up the rock quarter we had built on the previous trip Kirt sessioned it for a while, working on ally oop tables and some variations. After a long break for lunch we moved to the other feature we wanted to shoot. Unfortunately Kirt took a bit of spill one of the landings and missed shooting the epic evening light, but we still got some great shots and thankfully Kirt was okay, just a little shook up.

Kirt Voreis table in the California desert



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