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In the summer of 2021 I got to spend a full day shooting in Boise with the legend Barry Nobles for Haro Bikes. We started shooting at the top of Shafer Butte above Boise when the sun rose, and we finished up in Austin Smith's back yard jumps after sunset. It was definitely a long day! Going into it I was a tiny bit concerned with the schedule I had planned. Shooting with only a single athlete places a lot of demands on that person, and I would always recommend having at least two athletes for any kind of trail riding shoot. It allows one rider to take short breaks while you shoot with the other, and it also allows you to shoot two riders together. That gives you 3 different options for each shot, instead of just one, and keeps everyone a little bit fresher. Luckily Barry is an experienced professional (not to mention super human!) and I also added a number of rest breaks throughout the day so there were no problems

Sunrise at Shafer Butte

We started early with some sunrise trail riding shots above treeline near the top of Shafer Butte, high above Boise.

Mid-Day at The Basin Gravity Park

As the morning light faded we headed back to the condo for breakfast and a nap while we waited for the lifts to open at Bogus Basin. Then we headed out to shoot some of the great stuff at the Basin Gravity Park. Definitely a spot worth checking out if you're anywhere near Boise in the summer.

Evening at Austin's Pumptrack

After a good bike park session we had lunch at Bogus Basin and then headed down to Austin Smith's backyard pumptrack to shoot some hard tail dirt jump action.

I need to give a huge shout out to the awesome folk at Bogus Basin and the Basin Gravity Park for hooking us up with tickets for the day, and to Austin Smith who graciously offered up his yard for us to shoot in. Also to Haro and my friends at CrankTank for making this happen, and finally to Barry for being a total rock star and working his ass off so we could get trail, bike park and dirt jump photos all in the same day. You guys all rock!

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