A big part of my work at DEITY includes creating social media images of products. These images need to be clean and creative looking, but they're usually not day long projects. I generally try to get at least 4 or 5 shots done in a day, so being able to swap out shooting surfaces and backdrops and move lights around quickly is key. For a shooting table I use a pair of cheap plastic sawhorses and some 2x4's to support whatever I need to. For shots of products on white that's a large piece of white acrylic with a light underneath it, and for the shots above it was an old pallet. A quick note looking at the images above, the one on the left has a white reflection from a bounce card that makes the purple anodising on the stem look pink, and it doesn't match the rest of the image. That would normally be taken out in Photoshop using the color range tool to select the pink color and then selectively adjusting Hue and Saturation in an adjustment layer. You can see the finished look in the image on the right.

These images were all shot with very similar set-ups using various pieces of colored acrylic and glass, and colored lights and light wands. I use a color wheel fairly often, looking at complementary color combinations, split complementaries, triads, and more. Then I choose some colors and start to play. Do you ever use a color wheel?

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