The Boise mountain bike scene is going off!

Originally built for a whip-off contest that had been planned for the Boise Bike Festival, the jump was bigger than anything in Boise so far. Unfortunately the weather during the festival didn't cooperate and the whip off event ended up being cancelled due to high winds. Many hours of hard work had gone into building and testing the jump though, and no one was willing to just let it go. Weather and various calendars were consulted, and a jump jam was scheduled for the following Wednesday evening. Time the weather mostly cooperated, with very little wind and epic sunset clouds. These images are from that evening ...

First off a huge shout-out to Braydon Bringhurst, Austin Smith, and all the other amazing people that regularly put in hours of their time helping to grow the Boise Mountain Bike scene. When I first moved here almost 2 years ago Bogus Basin was in it's first real year of lift accessed biking, and the Boise Bike Park was just about to open. Previously mountain biking in Boise had been mostly cross country focused with only a few trails that were more gravity or DH oriented. The change that has happened in the past two years is continuing, and seems to be accelerating. The Basin Gravity Park at Bogus Basin has at least 3 new machine built trails slated to open next year, as well as a few hand built singletrack trails, and Eagle Bike Park will quite possibly have an air bag set up for public use at least one day a month going forward. These aren't things that have just happened on their own, they are the result of countless hours of work by hard working individuals and companies that are invested in the future of mountain biking in this city.

Braydon Bringhurst

Braydon is a pro mountain biker and is a huge influence and contributor to the mountain bike scene in Boise. He put in countless hours helping to organize the Boise Bike Festival, and was instrumental in getting this jump built for the festival. Finally getting to enjoy it after all the work!

Austin Smith

Austin is the Marketing Manager of Bogus Basin and the Basin Gravity Park. The work that he's doing is playing a significant role in helping to shape the future of downhill and freeride mountain biking and the bike community in Boise.