Dirt Issue 104 OCTOBER 2010

Dirt Magazine Cover

October 23, 2010 - I just got a copy of the October issue (#104) of Dirt Magazine with my photo of Tracy Moseley on the cover! This is only my 3rd Dirt cover, and the other 2 were way back in the day, 2003 to be exact. Pretty excited about this, and also the fact that it’s a shot of Tracy Moseley from World Champs at Mt Saint Anne this year, an event that had more than a few top notch photographers in attendance. To finish an event like World Champs with a photo on the cover of the worlds biggest MTB race magazine is quite an honor for me, I'd rank it up there with my Bike Mag Photo Annual cover.

I also need to congratulate Trek World Racing’s Tracy Moseley for winning World’s and making it all possible!

I shot this at a spot that I thought looked dynamic and interesting, a little rock roll going into a right hand corner. It had a dusty rocky straight going into it so the riders had a good trail of dust behind them, and they would try to suck up over this rock before diving into the corner. Or at least most of them would, Canada’s Steve Smith actually aired off this rock all the way into the corner, I almost ended up cutting his head off… This was shot at 1/250th f/5 ISO 800 on my Nikon D3s. I used 2 Nikon SB800’s together as a front fill slightly off axis to my left, and one Nikon SB900 at the back as a rim light and to try to backlight the dust a little. All of the flashes were triggered with Pocket Wizard MultiMAX’s.

Downhill Practice

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