In early 2020 I did my first action shoot for DEITY Components with Kirt Voreis in California. It was also my first time using the Godox AD200 Pro flashes in a real action shoot. I'd played the flashes a fair bit previously, I don't like taking things on a shoot if I don't already know how to use them and how everything works, but I hadn't actually used them for an action shoot. I was super stoked that they worked in High Speed Sync mode (HSS) with my Sony A9 in combination with non-Sony manual lenses. I use a Rokinon 12mm Fisheye a lot and my Elinchrom ELB 400 flash doesn 't work with non-native manual lenses, and this was one of the reasons I'd picked up the Godox flashes. Watch the video for all the details, then check out more of the photos from that shoot here.