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A few weeks ago I was in Southern Utah working on a project and I got a chance to shoot some skatepark stuff with Peter Jamison. I haven't shot park in a while, and it was good to get back to it. I'd also recently bought a Flashpoint Xplor 600 Pro and it was a good chance to test it out. For the last while I've been mainly using my Evolv 200 Pro (Godox AD200 Pro) lights for shooting, and then using my Elinchrom Quadra HS if I've needed something brighter, however the Elinchrom has one major flaw. It won't work in Hi-Sync (Elinchrom's version of high speed sync) with any of my non-Sony manual lenses, including my 12mm Rokinon fisheye. And I tend to shoot a fair bit with the fisheye, so that's important. Straight out of the box the Xplor 600 Pro worked flawlessly in High Speed Sync, even with my Rokinon Fisheye. This image was shot on my Sony A9 at 1/1600 f/4 at 125 iso. Also the Xplor 600 Pro has half a stop more light output (on paper) than the Elinchrom Quadra 400, so going forward it will probably just replace the Elinchrom lights for most things. I initially tried the stock reflector on the 600 but it has a fairly wide spread so I swapped it out for the Glow 70 degree reflector that I have and it made a huge difference.

I've had a few people ask me to provide more details on my lighting setups for action shots. This was a pretty standard setup for me, first I figured out where I needed to be to get the shot I wanted, then I placed the light slightly off access to fill in all the shadows on Pete who was completely backlit by the sun. See the image below for flash placement. Also keep in mind that this is an open skatepark, with skateboarders hitting many of the features while we were shooting. I could have moved the flash closer, but having it out of the way is always safer.

Pro Tip - If you want to figure out exactly where you need to be to have the sun directly behind your subject, look at the shadow and make sure your lens is on the edge of it.

You can find a gallery of photos from this shoot here

Untitled photo

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