Eric Porter Utah Full Pipe

1/250 F/8 100 ISO Nikon D2X 28mm

2006 - I had been shooting with Eric Porter, Steve Romaniuk and Mike Kinrade in Virgin Utah for Kranked, and on the way back up north Porter mentioned this full pipe he knew of.  It was an old mine exhaust vent, and it had this giant fan in the back of it. When I was setting up my lights I kept thinking that I wanted to somehow show off the fan and make it look cool instead of just fading into black at the back of the pipe. I was using a mix of Alien Bees 1600's and Nikon Speedlights, and I used one of the Alien Bees lights to light the front of the pipe and Eric, it's placed outside the pipe to the viewers left and creates the shadow of Eric on the pipe wall. The other Alien Bee light I placed in the back of the pipe with blue gel to light the fan, however I didn't like that I could see the light stand and the light in the shot, so I stuck a Nikon speedlight on the back of it facing toward the camera. I used a 6 point star filter over the lens and rotated it until the star lined up to hide the lightstand. You can see it all a little better in the two shots below. In the horizontal shot you can see all the lights and the star isn't lined up perfectly so you can also see the lightstand.

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