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About Ian

Ian Hylands is a professional photographer specializing in action sports, lifestyle and portraiture.

“I like to think that my career as a photographer began when my parents gave me a camera as a child. They tell me that I took pictures of everything. The first time I really thought of myself as a photographer however was in the mid 80’s. I borrowed my dad’s camera and began taking pictures of skateboarding. 1986 was the year that I graduated from high school and also the year that the World’s Fair was in Vancouver. I remember going to Sealynn Park to shoot the Expo 86 skateboard contest. Everyone was there and I got shots of Hosoi and Hawk and all the other great skaters of the time. In 1989 my photography focus turned to winter sports. I was snowboarding a lot, and in 1991 I met Evan Feen. He introduced me to the backcountry and I did a lot of hiking in the Howe Sound corridor, snowboarding mountains such as the Lions and Brunswick. In 1992 I was working on a local snowboard film and I took a photo of John Griber jumping a crevasse on Serratus Mountain. I sold the photo to Mistral snowboards for use on the ‘Shred Americard’ and I realized that it was possible to make money from photos. This was followed by more work for Mistral and my photos started turning up in snowboard magazines. I started working for a local snowboard clothing company and this provided a natural outlet for my photography skills as well. In 1997 my focus switched to mountain biking and in 1999 I decided to work as a photographer full time. Since then I’ve worked for many different companies and my photos have been published in magazines around the world."

Ian taught Action Photography at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts and Western Academy in Victoria, BC for a number of years and still maintains a love of sharing and teaching others what he has learned.

After working freelance for 16 years Ian moved to Colorado in 2013 to work as staff photographer at Niner Bikes. Leaving Niner in 2018 Ian moved to Boise Idaho in 2020 to work with long time friends at DEITY Components.

“It is often said that a photo is worth a thousand words, but not all photos are equal, some photos are worth more than a thousand words….”